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Hello, 你好, नमस्ते and welcome to CreativKits!

We are a family owned business aimed at making a difference in children's everyday lives and making their future brighter. We focus on two key concepts: “Learning by Doing” and “Learning Consistently”

CreativKits is an initiative taken by Gagan and Rashi who very quickly caught on to the challenges of parenthood. Trying to constantly find ways of keeping their children (2 of them) occupied and doing something productive as opposed to just sitting in front of the TV or playing on some gadget.

It took a couple of tries, finding something new to do all the time, something that is in line with their changing interests and growing age. Even the best ideas would get old or boring very quickly. Soon enough, they realized this is a challenge every parent faces and so they took the step forward, extended their research and seized their own experiences to give CreativKits a chance.

As Parents ourselves, we know that parents, families and carers are some of the most important influences on a child’s learning. When they are positively engaged, children are more likely to live a happy and successful life. Our goal is to help parents & caregivers maximise the amount of quality time they spend with their children, by providing all the necessary tools, techniques and support they may need.

Our products aim to spark creativity in kids by providing them with an array of activities ranging from Arts & Crafts to Music, Gardening, Science, Math, Astronomy and so much more. Our kits are packed and delivered to your doorstep with all the materials and easy to follow instructions for the said activities, so you don’t have to worry about the preparation either.

We enable kids to develop self-confidence and boost their imagination, while also giving the family an opportunity to collaborate, learn and have some fun together!

After all, isn’t that what we all want as parents?

Meet The Team

Rashi Mujoo
Zaina Parekh
Marketing Manager
Vytautas Kazla
Graphic Designer
Gagan Agrawal