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The Best Experience Gift for a Kid’s Birthday Party

The Best Experience Gift for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Gift-giving can sometimes be stressful. Birthdays, marriages, and anniversaries may all feel daunting when deciding on an occasion-based present. And when you factor in personalities and age, you have a whole different ball game.

It can be especially difficult to purchase gifts for kids. A child can only have so many "latest gadgets" and "newest toys" before they've had them all. Not to mention, kids easily become bored with toys that do not actively engage or stimulate them.

These are just some reasons why experiences make better gifts than objects.

What is an object gift?

An object gift is pretty much any gift you can pick up in the store. This could be clothes, jewelry, toys, or electronics. While they are common and have their place, some of these gifts lose their significance after a while. It is also difficult to find a unique object gift, and no one likes showing up to a celebration with a gift that someone else already bought.

What is an experience gift?

As the name suggests, these are gifts that go beyond an object to an actual activity that requires participation. This includes trips, tickets, outings, and fun lessons.

Why are experiences better than object gifts?

Experiences create lasting memories. Think about your favorite childhood memory. You can surely recall at least three straight away, right? How about a childhood toy? It's a bit more difficult to remember precisely what that was, especially if you had a lot of toys as a kid. It’s far easier to remember your trip to an amusement park or the time you got those really fun art lessons you had been asking for.

Experience gifts also allow others to become interested and participate. This gives wonderful bonding opportunities among friends and family.

There are also several other benefits that come with experience gifts that objects don’t supply.

  • Experience gifts offer less clutter - No need to worry about another plastic toy hanging around gathering dust in your home, which will probably end up in a landfill.
  • Create lasting memories - Just as you were able to recall your favourite childhood memory, so will the recipient of your experience gift.
  • Experiences can offer learning opportunities - Lessons, art supplies, and educational activities create fun experiences and help kids learn while having fun—a true win-win.

The best experience gift for children

The best experience gift is the gift that keeps on giving. CreativKits is the full package:

  • Fun learning experiences.
  • A great balance of art and science educational lessons.
  • A subscription that you can be proud of.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a special child’s birthday, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Here’s why:

  • Parents love educational gifts for their children
  • The subscription allows for what feels like a new gift every month as long as the subscription is active
  • You can personalise it for the child for an extra special touch.

Ready to take the stress out of gift giving? Choose your gift kit today!



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