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Make your own Gummy Soap

Make your own Gummy Soap

Why use the same old boring soap, when you can make your own?

Your hand-washing soap may smell nice but it can’t be as cool as what you are about to make in this project. So, get ready to make some colourful soap balls which are not only beau ful but are also fun to wash hands with. Let’s get started!

Click here to download the Instruction booklet. Steps to make your own Gummy Soap starts at Page 7. Don't forget to solve a brainy word puzzle on page 10.

Haven't got the DIY Gummy Soap kit yet?

Choose from one of the kits below and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

Following is/are the video(s) referenced in the instruction booklet:

  • Video tutorial on page 9:
  • How does soap actually work? Knowledge nugget on page 7:

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