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Do your kids keep asking for a pet? One they can groom and play with and talk to and take care of? Except you know, that you will have to end up doing most of the work. Cleaning up after the pet, prepping food for the pet, talking it out for a walk and what not. No matter how many times you say this to the kids, they will always says “NO MUM, I WILL DO IT”

Let’s give them a challenge, shall we?

Have your child complete this DIY activity and experience at least ¼ of the work that goes into taking care of a pet. Who knows which one of you will be more surprised!

What You'll Need

Let The Challenge Begin...

Step 1: Put the soil pellet in a bowl and add lukewarm water, about 3 times the volume of the pellet. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and you should have a bowl full of soil.
Make sure the proportions are right. This is technically your pet’s food – if the proportions are wrong, your pet would not get enough nutrition and be very unhealthy.
Step 2: Transfer most of the soil into the pot, leaving some to use later.
Open the sachet of seeds and sprinkle evenly over the soil.
Step 3: Use the left-over soil in the bowl to lightly cover the seeds.
Step 4: Add some water making sure all the soil is evenly moist. 
Just like you need to make sure there is always enough water in your pet’s bowl, who knows when they’ll get thirsty!
Step 5: Place your pot in a warm sunny position – the windowsill would be ideal.
Pets needs sunlight and air just like we do, this one you can keep on the windowsill, but you’ll have to watch it very often to make sure the pot doesn’t fall and break, and that it is in the right position to get enough sunlight. With a dog/cat, you’d have to take them out every now and then and make sure you don’t lose them!
Step 6: Within 7 days, you’ll see sprouts. In a few more days after that, the grass will be too long and it will need cutting and grooming every once in a while.
Your pet is going to grow; their hair, their nails, their hunger, their thirst. Just like yours does as you grow older. With this one, once the grass reaches about 5-7cm, it is ready to be trimmed. If it grows too long, it will start becoming weak because there is not enough nutrition to go all around.

Lets see how long you can keep this pet healthy and growing before you consider a dog, cat, hamster or rabbit!

Watch Video For More Inspirations on Growing Grass Hair

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