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DIY Sequin Tees for the Family

DIY Sequin Tees for the Family

Winter is the time for basics. Stay at home and binge watch TV shows, curl up near a fire place, drink hot chocolate (or any hot beverage) and surely your basic black, grey, blue tees / sweatshirts with jeans, boots and a smart jacket.

Every now and then though, you want to spice things up a little while also keeping it basic. What if we can keep the staying at home near a fire place drinking hot chocolate, but change the activity? We keep the black, grey and blue shades of tees / sweatshirts, but add just a little bling?

Turn the TV off, gather the family and try this cool activity. Do it together and design matching family sequin tees / sweatshirts or highlight your individuality but with your family.

All You Need To Create A Sequin Tee / Sweatshirt

Let's Get Creative...

  1. Print and cut out a phrase of your choosing – we’re going with MEOW… Decide the size, font and phrase that speaks to you most.
  2. Place the cut out over the tee / sweatshirt, again choose the placement based on your preferences – we’re going with the upper half just a little below the collar.
  3. Use the chalk to trace the phrase on the tee / sweatshirt.
  4. Remove the paper template, and trace over the chalk with the fabric glue.
  5. Follow the glue and stick your first round of sequin onto the tee / sweatshirt
  6. Once the first row of sequin is glued, use the fabric glue and trace the first row again overlapping just a little bit to create the second row.
  7. Let the glue and sequin dry on the tee / sweatshirt.
  8. If you want to make it more solid, use a needle and thread to sew in the sequin phrase onto the tee / sweatshirt. This will make it more durable.

TADA! No TV, just good old indoor family fun time and cool new looking tees / sweatshirts!

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