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DIY Mid-Century Ceramic Hand Dish

DIY Mid-Century Ceramic Hand Dish

Kids these days grow up too fast. One day, they are clung onto you for everything, and the next thing you know is they go off to college and move out. While we try to cherish every moment, time just seems to fly. Soon we start missing their cute baby hands and legs, eyes that are always filled with water and ready to burst into tears because of a little tantrum.

Baby books, pictures and videos are all memories we keep, but don’t really go back and look at all the time. This DIY activity while keeping the little ones occupied and off the screens for a while, also results in a beautiful memento of their childhood.

The DIY Ceramic Hand Dish as it sounds is a dish made of clay in the shape of your little one’s hand that you can use as a key holder, jewelry holder or even just a show piece that you can use and look at every day without having to put in any effort. Reminisce their little baby hands for as long as possible.

What you’ll Need to Make This Little Trinket

Let’s get Molding

  1. On a sheet of baking paper, soften and roll out some Air Hardening Clay to about 5mm thick. You can either use a rolling pin of any smooth cylindrical object to do this.
  2. Trace your hand on the rolled-out clay. Make sure your fingers are joined together while tracking.
    If you’re a little nervous of tracing directly on the clay, trace your hand on a piece of paper using a pencil and cut out the shape (creating a stencil). If you’re happy with the shape, place the cut-out hand stencil on the clay and trace over the clay.
  3. Use a sharp paper knife to remove the excess clay from around the shape of your hand. Smoothen the edges using the clay tools provided.
    Don’t be afraid to ask an adult to help you with this step.
  4. Decorate your hand dish! Use the clay tools, the back of a paint brush, or any other object you like to make stamp designs on the dish.
  5. Once done decorating, place the clay hand flat in a curved bowl or plate, so it dries in a slightly curved angle.
    Let dry for 2-3 days. You can tell the clay is dry when it turns completely white with no grey spots. Make sure you let it dry completely otherwise it could break very easily.
  6. Once dry, it’s Time to Paint! Mix one-part Acrylic paint (pick your colour) to one part of the varnish. Use the paint brush to paint over the dish making sure not to use excess paint as it may flood up the stamped design. If you wish to make a multicoloured dish, make sure you only use acrylic paints.
    Let dry.
  7. Once the paint is dry, use a paint brush and apply a final layer of varnish to coat the hand dish so it stays shiny!

It’s that simple! Your very own Mid-Century Ceramic Hand Dish is ready!

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